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You may have noticed that nearly everyone around you is on their mobile phone – constantly. “Mobile” has become the new buzzword.  More importantly mobile-websitea mobile website, mobile marketing, and mobile SMS text marketing is the new way to reach and engage your customers.

Google has found that your mobile phone has become an extension of you at this point, and many people won’t even get out of bed in the morning unless they’ve looked at their phone first.

If you’re reading this, you know that mobile marketing and mobile websites have become essential for any business.  It may seem like it happened overnight, but we’ve had a mobile website for nearly 1 1/2 years because the early trends showed that mobile marketing would only continue to become increasingly important over time.

Our mobile phones are not something we leave home without.  In fact, mobile search volume is quickly overtaking search from conventional desktops.  Mobile phone sales have overtaken desktop and laptop sales as of Q4 2010 (yes, more than a year ago!).  What does this mean to business and industry?

Mobile devices are capable of reaching your target market instantly, and you need to take advantage of this today. There are officially more people with mobile phones that computers or cars. People are searching for things on their mobile browser, and connecting with others on their phones all day — every day.

Based on this…

  • What does your website look like on a mobile phone?   Is it a bunch of text they can barely read or images that cause your site to take forever to load?  Then your customers will click away. Yes. Google found that 40% will click away from your site if it isn’t mobile-optimized.
  • Did you know that iPhones and iPads will never support flash? This means if you have a fancy flash site that looks great on a desktop computer will be BLANK on any Apple mobile device.
  • Most compelling of all – Google has announced that they are now ranking mobile websites in order to make sure that mobile searchers find what they are looking for with websites that render properly on those mini-mobile screens.  If you’re not mobile and your competitors are, guess what they will see on their mobile phone?  Yep – your competitor.

You can change that.  The solution is to have a mobile website. Success Aligned Marketing specializes in mobile sites that are built just for smart-phones, and serves up the information mobile searchers are looking for.

You don’t have to lose out on the mobile market share. The search engines give more results love to sites that are built for mobile. Call us today to take advantage of this before your competition does.  We design mobile websites that load fast on mobile devices, and continue and compliment your brand. Call us today to talk about a mobile website for your business that brings your brand into the mobile search space, and gets you found by your customers on their mobile phones.

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